FO8RZ - 6-Inverted L 160-80  M

I asked 2 months ago how many radials to put to an HF6V, a lot of people told me that the best way is to install an inverted L. Oleg, RN3CT sent me plans for a short inverted L. Many thanks to all and especially to Oleg, Ham's spirit is still alive !


The full installation is here:

- One coconut's tree 7-8 m high.
- Wire 4 mm²
- Height 7-8 meters.
- Lenght about 19 meters to a tree up 9-10 meters.
- Coil built with plastic tube (diameter 10cm). 17 joint turns.
- One capa 200pF instead of 100pF in coax.
- Radials, and more to come but my garden is not Versailles's castle !!!

On the following picture, details for coil and capa system.
On the picture, it works on 80m thru capa.
To work on 160, I just have to connect antenna and the coax to the right.

The full installation here.

Résults :

Too early to say if it's good or not. But I can see that it is largely better than with HF6V + radials + kit160.
I just tested it one evening.
QSO 559 with JQ2VVH (9000 km), K0RF and fews ZL on 160.
Before, JQ2VVH received me 339 and me never. I received him 449 to 559 yesterday.
Did not test it yet on 80, but I just saw that sigs were better with US stations.

A big THANKS to Oleg RN3CT for helping me.

de FO8RZ Phil



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